The Island of Madeira is located in the north Atlantic Ocean, west and slightly south of Portugal.


The island was discovered in 1419 by Tristão Vaz Teixeira, Bartolomeu Perestrelo and João Gonçalves Zarco, two Portuguese explorers, which dubbed the island ‘Madeira’ (“wood” in English) due to the abundance of this raw material.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Madeira flourished for the birth of the tourism sector, quickly becoming a mandatory reference for the European aristocracy that has set temporary residence here, attracted by the natural therapeutic qualities of the island.

In 2015, it has been awarded as World’s Leading Island Destination 2015. However, over last years, it has been collecting other recognitions such as Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2014 / 2013;

When I have been invited to visit the island, I saw this opportunity as a challenge for a photo-report about the region, in order to present the best things to find there, such as, nature, daily life, locals, and everything else…



The best and fastest way to visit Madeira Island is by airplane (check the airlines available). However if you have time and money to spend, you can also visit the island through hundreds of cruises that visit Funchal regularly per year. (It’s for sure another nice and relaxed way to reach the island.)
Booking the trip in advance, is the way to get a flight easily and cheap with low rates in ticket’s price. It has no secret!
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Funchal is the capital of the region, being the heart of the island.

The city center is located near by the sea port, as also the most historic and turistic part of the city where you find the traditional commerce, bars and Restaurants….

on the top of the city is located the hill where you find the wooden baskets.

This tourist attraction, takes you for a ride sliding down the road until downtown.

In Downtown, at the Farmers’ Market,

we see a lot of tropical products, colors and tastes as also the kindness of local sellers…
The fish is another great attraction from the Market, especially the tuna fish and sword fish
the fauna and flora are also a big heritage, always present along entire region.
With green landscapes and mild temperatures, Madeira is the perfect scene for the most wanted fruit “Banana“…


The tunels are also something always present along the landscape.

By them is possible to travel along entire island in a very fast and direct way.
Instead of sand, almost the entire coast is composed by rocks and stones.
the landscape is quite sloping and full of waterfalls, cliffs and mountains
At the east side of the island, we find The Tax Free Zone Area. In times, this place operated as a big entrance gate for EU commercial transactions, being a fiscal paradise for enterprises.

The International Airport is known by the landing track near by the sea… Great challenge!



 Madeira has so much to offer, that at certain moment, we have to return there!

So, I´m looking forward to come back…

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